Copyright Registration



  • Copyright registration

               Copyright is consider one of the intellectual property like as trademark and patent.In a simple word the copyright is entrusted for creative work like music,dramatic work, artistic work and sound recording etc.Copyright protect the creative work of the person.

                      Copyright registered under the copyright act 1957.The period of copyright is author life plus 50 to 100 years.However idea,mathematical concept,procedure cannot be copyrighted.The copyright also include the right of reproducation,adapation and translation of work.



  • Easy to make registration
  • Offer temporary injection
  • Right to sue for infringement of copyright
  • Copyright holder can send cease and desist letter


                Document require for copyright registration

  • Name,address and nationality of applicant
  • Name,address and nationality of the author of work
  • Title of work
  • Declaration signed by author
  • Power of attorney for the firm
  • Six hard copies and Three soft copies of work


               Procedure for registration of copyright

               Step 1:Filing the application

               Step 2:Examination

               Step 3:Registration of copyright


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