Design registration




  • Design registration

             Design act is one of the part of intellectual property.The registration and protection of design in india is governed by the design act 2000.The main object of design act is to provide protection to visual design that consist of creation of shape,pattern or color.For design,the period of protection is 10 years from the registration.After 10 years the protection can be extended for a period of 5 years

                The registered designs are open for cancellation even after the registration on a ground that it does not meet the criteria for protection under the act.In case of infringement of design the registered owner can file suit to recover a nominal amount as damages from the infringement.It is illegal to use design without the authorization of registered owner.


Document for registration of design:

  • Application form-1
  • Power of attorney
  • Details of applicant
  • Certified copy of priority document
  • Representation sheet



  • It provide the valuable income stream
  • Useful for raising the capital
  • Reputation of innovative product design can add value to your business
  • Right to sold the design


             Procedure for registration of design

            Step 1:Filing the application

            Step 2:Examination of application

            Step 3:Approval of application

            Step 4:Publication of application

            Step 5:Registration of design application


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